LEADWAY Super Fast Charge

Oct. 24, 2022

LEADWAY Super Fast Charge

By use LEADWAY core technology of BPL (Bipolar Pure Lead) Batteries. LEADWAY TEV battery achieved super fast charge capability. It can be used for cyclic application for electrical vehicles & electrical tools.


BPL battery can be fast recharge ike a lithium battery. It can accept max. 3C current for extreme fast charge. It only need 17 minutes to reach 80% and 1.1 h to 100%. Normally we recommend 0.5~1C as it only need 1.6h to 80% and 2.5h to 100% with 0.5C.

Even with 0.2~0.3C low charge rate,It still around 30%+ faster than traditional VRLA.

LEADWAY Super Fast Charge

The super fast charge capability can help you increase the cyclic use efficiency. Combine the outstanding cycle life (2-3X of normal deep cycle AGM battery) It allows you operate the battery several cycles per day.This superiority can makes the high efficiency with less electrical vehicles/tools. And allows us configure our system with smaller capacity(half or less) to get a compact size and lower cost.


BPL battery can also be fast recharged even under ultra-low temperature. This performance is exceptionally superior, which is a distinctive feature of those so-called low-temperature battery as the most of them cannot be recharged under ultra-low temperature. Thus BPL batter can be continuously starting use under ultra-low temperature even without environment temperature control/preheat.

LEADWAY Super Fast Charge

Why it can be extreme fast charge”? This is because BPL battery adopts bipolar plates and special internal structure which is greatly different from traditional.


1. Due to the special structure of bipolar plates and much short conductive path, BPL battery eliminates the bus-bar and cross bridge connection parts between each cells inside. The conductive path much shorter than traditional structure. Thus it not only saves the materials but leads to 70% decrease of the internal resistance compare to traditional battery.


2. As internal resistance is very low, thus it generates much lower heat during high current fast charging process (according to Q= I2*Ri*t(Ri is the internal resistance).


Case study 1

Renault AGV use 2 pcs TEV12-100(24V100Ah@C3) to replace traditional battery since 2015. 80%DoD per day and it shows 50% faster charge speed, and 2X cycle life.

LEADWAY Super Fast Charge

Case study 2

A E-bus demo tested since 2013.04 in Shandong province. The bus uses 2 strings of TEV12-100(20pcs , 120V200Ah) with 2.3 ton. It equipped with VES smart charger can provides max. 400A charge current and can fast charge to 90% within 30min and cycled 2 times per day(3hours drive to noon, then have a rest around 20-30min for fast charge, then finish remaining 2 hours distance).


LEADWAY Super Fast Charge

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