LEADWAY Super Starting/Cranking Battery

Oct. 24, 2022

By use LEADWAY core technology of BPL (Bipolar Pure Lead) Batteries. LEADWAY TSS,THS has the best starting/cranking performance in the world at present. It can be used for starting or start-stop use for internal-combustion engine vehicles, specially for heavy vehicles with very high cranking amperes at ultra-low temperature.


BPL battery has 2X cranking performance of normal AGM starting battery and 40% higher than spiral battery as it provides 1500A cranking amperes @ -18℃(G31 dimension) & 730A cranking amperes even at -40℃. 

LEADWAY Super Starting/Cranking Battery

This super cranking performance can help you solve ultra- high cranking use. Also you can use much smaller size to replace the old one for normal starting use. It should be much smaller and lighter.


BPL battery also very suitable for start-stop use as it has 3X starting cycles of traditional EFB. THS12-110 achieved more than 180000 cycles according SBA S0101-2014 which 3X of the standard required.

LEADWAY Super Starting/Cranking Battery


Test procedure(25±2℃):

a) 45A discharge 59.0s;

b) 300A discharge 1.0s;

c) Recharge with 14.00V and max. 100A for 60s;

d) Repeat a) to c) for 3600 times as one sequence.

e) Rest for 40h~48h after one sequence.

f) Repeat a) to e) till the end voltage of b) ≤7.20V.


Moreover, BPL battery shows around 0.7V higher discharge voltage platform than competitors. This is because it has only 1/3 internal resistance. High voltage platform means high performance and reliability.

LEADWAY Super Starting/Cranking Battery


BPL battery can also be fast recharged even under ultra-low temperature. This performance is exceptionally superior, which is a distinctive feature of those so-called low-temperature battery as the most of them cannot be recharged under ultra-low temperature. This characteristics makes BPL batter can be continuously starting use under ultra-low temperature even without environment temperature control/preheat.


You may ask” why it has the best ultra-low temperature performance”? This is because BPL battery adopts bipolar plates and special internal structure which is greatly different from traditional.


1. Due to the special structure of bipolar plates and much short conductive path, BPL battery eliminates the bus-bar and cross bridge connection parts required between each cells inside. The conductive path much shorter than traditional structure. Thus it not saves the materials but leads to 70% decrease of the internal resistance compare to traditional battery.


2. As internal resistance is very low, thus the voltage loss also very smal at low temperature (according to Vdis=V-I*Ri(Ri is the internal resistance).


Case study 1

Super starting in ultra-cold area

Test date: 2022.01.05---2022.01.13

Test site: Mohe, Heilongjiang province, China

Ambiet temp.: -25~-31℃ during the field test

LEADWAY Super Starting/Cranking Battery

Test purpose:

1. Comparative test and data collection;

2. Verify if the bipolar battery with only half

capacity can replace the traditional battery.

Test basis:

1. According to enterprise standard of Dongfeng

Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. Q / DFCVCT

2193-2019《cold chamber test method for cold starting performance of commercial vehicles》

Test result:

▶ The bipolar battery test results exceeded the customer's expectations during this short term field test.

▶ Traditional MF starter battery shows bad field starting adaptability under the extreme low temp. less than -25℃;

▶ Bipolar battery shows very good field starting advantages:

◆ --3 times starts with around half capacity.

◆ --Same starts with only 44% capacity(105Ah vs 240Ah) of a AGM starter battery.

▶ Bipolar battery shows faster recharge even with lower charge voltage 28.2V of the truck alternator(different truck models with 28.2-29.5V ). The truck  factory engineers believe that this is of very important for sustainable use under ultra-low temperature.

LEADWAY Super Starting/Cranking Battery

Case study 2

We use TSS12-70 replace the old 12V105Ah in the excavating machinery and still shows higher continuous starting times. It already service 2X of service life than the old one till now.


Case study 3

We use TSS12-70 replace the old 12V180Ah in SCANIA heavy truck. It shows same cranking at normal temperature but much better under -20℃~-30℃in Northeast China.

LEADWAY Super Starting/Cranking Battery

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