LEADWAY Ultra-low Temperature Battery

Sep. 15, 2022

By use LEADWAY core technology of BPL (Bipolar Pure Lead) Batteries. LEADWAY innovated Ultra Low Temperature Battery. We can proudly claim that It has the best performance under ultra-low temperature in the world at present. BPL battery can be used in electric power, Agricultural vehicle, Engineering vehicle, and military vehicles, solar & wind energy and other systems in ultra-cold area.

BPL battery can help you one key start even under -40~ -50C as it can provides 1500A cranking amperes @ -18C(G31 dimension) & 730A cranking amperes even at -40C. The cranking performance at ultra-low temperature is 2X of traditional and 40%+ higher than spiral battery.

LEADWAY Ultra-low Temperature Battery

BPL battery has the highest capacity at ultra-low temperature. Thus around 50% higher than normal AGM has 76%+@-18"C(C5) & 44%+ @-40C(C5). While normal AGM battery can only get around 50%@-18"C(C5) and 22%@-40"C(C5).

LEADWAY Ultra-low Temperature Battery

BPL battery can also be fast recharged even under ultra-low temperature. This performance is exceptionally superior, which is a distinctive feature of those so-called low-temperature battery as the most of them can not be recharged under ultra-low temperature. Not mention fast charge capability.

The recharge capability under ultra-low temperature will makes you using it continuous not need to consider recharge it at room temperature. This is very important for ultra-cold regions, especially for Agricutural vehicle, Engineering vehicle, and military vehicles which need to long term operation under ultra- cold area.

LEADWAY Ultra-low Temperature Battery

You may ask" why it has the best ultralow temperature performance"? This is because BPL battery adopts bipolar plates and special internal structure which is greatly diferent from traditional.

1. BPL battery adopts AGM technology and starve design, more resistant to low temperature. That is, the electrolyte is adsorbed in AGM, which is like a solid state and has no fluidity (Popular saying "the liquid is easier to freeze than a solid").

2. The internal resistance is very low, thus the voltage loss should smaller at low temperature (according to Vdis=V-l*Ri(Ri is the internal resistance).

3. Bipolar structure which makes the current density is very uniform and higher utilization of active mass, thus it has higher discharge performance. Also, bipolar structure which makes the current density is very uniform and higher charge efficiency.

4. Due to the special structure of bipolar plates and much short conductive path, BPL battery internal resistance 70% decreased compare to traditional battery, which generates much lower heat during high current charging process(according to the resistance heating formulaq=l* R* t, the heat value increases in square with the current). Therefore, larger charging current is allowed within the controllable temperature rise range.

5. More, because the conductive cross section area is 3 times of traditional bus-bar/bridge which makes it can withstand much higher charge current but still keep less heat rise.

Case study1

Super starting in ultra-cold area

Test date: 2022.01.05---2022.01.13

Test site: Mohe, Heilongjiang province, China

Ambiet temp.: -25~-31℃ during the field test

LEADWAY Ultra-low Temperature Battery

Test purpose:

1. Comparative test and data collection;

2. Verify if the bipolar battery with only half

capacity can replace the traditional battery.

Test basis:

1. According to enterprise standard of Dongfeng

Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. Q / DFCVCT

2193-2019《cold chamber test method for coldstarting performance of commercial vehicles》

Test result:

▶ The bipolar battery test results exceeded the customer's expectations during this short term field test.

▶ Traditional MF starter battery shows bad field starting adaptability under the extreme low temp. less than -25℃;

▶ Bipolar battery shows very good field starting advantages:

◆ --3 times starts with around half capacity.

◆ --Same starts with only  44% capacity(105Ah vs 240Ah) of a AGM starter battery.

▶ Bipolar battery shows faster recharge even with lower charge voltage 28.2V of the truck alternator(different truck models with 28.2-29.5V ). The truck  factory engineers believe that this is of very important for sustainable use under ultra-low temperature.

LEADWAY Ultra-low Temperature Battery

Case study 2

Along the harsh and wild coast of northern Norway fish farming is big business. Here the fjords are deep, the mountains high, and civilization is far, far away. Salmon farmers work from rafts which have little or no access to power and the internet – and those which do have some form of communications have to rely on poor and intermittent signals to conduct their radio communications.

The key to more reliable communication is to site masts at strategic locations using the mountain peaks which offer line-of-site relays between each other, and down to the rafts far below in the fjords. Of course, these mountain peaks are remote, and are themselves not connected to grid power.

In order to improve safety and efficiency a better communications infrastructure was needed. People build a standalone “node station” capable of supplying power to the various transmitters. So this was a new and very exciting project to embark on, so we just had to do it!

Till now,BPL battery already stable operation nearly 3 yrs @-5~-40℃. Compared with lithium battery and traditional lead-acid battery, it shows far more advantages than customers expect.

LEADWAY Ultra-low Temperature Battery

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