TSS batteries are suitable for heavy truck and construction vehicles starting and start-stop use. Compared with ordinary batteries, it has 2-3 times start performance, long cycle life and more reserved capacity. At the same time, the charging speed is faster than 30%, which is more suitable for continuous work in emergency situations. TSS batteries have obvious advantages in high-requirement scenarios demand for strong start performance and low temperature performance, such as heavy trucks, military special vehicles, heavy machinery, etc.

180000 Cycles Starting Life

950A @-18℃

550A @-29℃

1400 Cycles @50%DOD

75% Capacity @-18℃

42% Capacity @-40℃

EN 50342


JB/T 1266-2016


Pure Lead Quasi Bipolar Technology

Maintenance Free No Topping

Sealed Construction Leakage Proof

30%+ Fast Charge

Technical Specifications

Nominal Voltage(V)12 (6 cells)
Nominal Capacity@C20 (25 ℃)70Ah to 10.5V cut off
Cycle Life (25 ℃)1400 times(50%DOD)
DimensionsL285mm x W177mm x H190mm(208)
Weight23.0 Kg
TerminalAP terminal
Internal ResistanceApprox.  1.55 mohm (fully charged @ 25°C)
Operation Temperature
Optimum storage
Self DischargeAround 3% /month @ 25°C
Float Charge Voltage (20~25 ℃)13.5~13.8V
Cyclic Charge Voltage (20~25℃)14.3~14.6V
Container MaterialABS, UL94-V0 is optional


Constant current performance: Amps(@25°C) 

Discharge Current(A)3.56.719.12526.748.284203360
Discharge Time(min)12006001801351206030105
Cut -off Voltage(V)10.510.510.510.510.510.

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